who are we

Best burger ideas & traditions from the whole world

Chickzy is your neighborhood go to spot for outstanding service, a comfortable and friendly atmosphere and of course, the delicious pizza, fried chicken, burger and more that have made us favorite. We want you to experience only the finest. That’s why we make everything from FRESH, including our signature pizza dough, our incredible sauce, with our fresh toppings. We have expanded our menu with even more fresh varieties. You won’t find better quality or better service elsewhere so make plans now to visit our newly remodeled location. Chickzy has been a part of South West of Calgary! Featuring tossed pizza, secret sauce that has been handed down from Delicious grinders, fried chicken, chicken wings, pizza, and burgers!

Fastest delivery on
your door step

A new look on
the right food!

The use of natural
best quality products

World’s best Chef
and Nutritionist!

Our passion

Our mission

We believe in sharing quality products that you can enjoy with confidence.

Our passion to serve our guests with delicious food led us into the discovery of chickzy

In all that we do, we aim for goodness.

Our mission today is the same as it’s always been: that every guest who chooses chizky’s leaves happy.